What is an Affiliate Link?

Affiliate marketing is a broad concept that involves several parties. An affiliate is an individual who agrees to promote products or services of a company in exchange for compensation for any leads or sales. To help the company figure out which sales an affiliate was responsible for, the use an affiliate link. Therefore, an affiliate link is simply a URL containing the affiliate’s username or ID.

Affiliate links are unique so that the company knows which sales are attributed to whom. Sometimes you will get paid for a sale or get a percentage of revenue from the customers attributed to you.

To get an affiliate link, you must own a website or blog and then approach companies with affiliate programs. If yours is a popular blog or website companies may themselves approach you. In this case, it is important to research the brands you wish to work with, to be sure they are aligned with your content and hopes for the site.
Success in affiliate marketing comes to those who are choosy about the products and brands they partner with. Agreeing to push another company’s products on your site is a direct endorsement so you must be cautious. You need basic information about the product and its workings to convince your readers that it is indeed good for them. Trust isn’t so easy to gain in the blogging world so don’t throw it down the drain for the sake of some affiliate revenue.

The correct way of using affiliate links

Once you get the special affiliate link, it is up to you to showcase it. Before you go sprinkling links throughout your content, there are some best practices to bear in mind.

1. Add anchors to the link

A hyperlink looks much better than a bare link added to a page. The dynamic parameters in bare links look messy and wouldn’t be attractive to visitors. Hyperlinks are clear and user-friendly which means they stand a higher chance of attracting clicks.

2. Balance affiliate links density

Overcrowding links on a copy is a deliberate attempt to sell which might be considered fishy by visitors. One affiliate link per page of content is recommended even if it is more tiring than adding numerous links to one piece of content. While using too many affiliate links in itself will not hurt your rankings, it may cause Google’s algorithm to look at your site more closely.

3. Clean up your links

Anchor text for your links must be as clear and concise as possible. As an affiliate marketer, it is incumbent upon you to find easy ways to clarify things for readers without making it difficult for the merchant to attribute leads to you.

Affiliate links are the most important aspect of an affiliate program. Without this unique ID, it would be impossible to compensate individuals responsible for sales. The affiliate should always disclose affiliate links on top of each post shared, as a way of gaining trust from readers. If used correctly, the links will surely help you generate revenue from your blog.

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