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Wealthy Affiliate is What You Need To Take Your Affiliate Game to the Next Level
Like I have mentioned many times before, Affiliate Networks are everything in this business. They equip you with success mantras, lead you to the profitable products, and guide you into a successful affiliate marketer. Among the many good affiliate networks, Wealthy Affiliate has carved itself its own space.
Wealthy Affiliate is unlike anything you will ever find on the internet. It is more than a simple affiliate network. It is an entire ecosystem of affiliate marketers who are committed to helping each other succeed and make insane amounts of money. Its founders – Kyle and Carson – have created a wealth of training courses, videos, and downloadable content to train the members of Wealthy Affiliate in affiliate marketing.

Getting Started is Easy
Anyone can become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. But, there are 2 types of memberships – Starter and Premium. The Starter membership is free to join. It comes with a variety of benefits such as access to Beginner Training Course, limited keyword searches, personal blog, and so on. You even get to create 2 websites and host them for zero cost. New members also get 7 days access to some Premium membership features.
Now, Premium membership is the real deal. It costs $49 per month and comes loaded with plenty of features. You get full access to the WA forum, where you can engage with other members and help each other succeed. You can directly connect with the founders – Kyle and Carson – if you need personalized assistance. You even get website analysis, 1-on-1 coaching, and many other features with the Premium membership.
Let’s take a look at what makes Wealthy Affiliate a good or bad affiliate network.

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate
Free to start. Free to use as a Starter Pack member. They don’t even ask you to share your credit card details.
They don’t force you to purchase anything.
Started way back in 2005 and has 1 million+ members. Highly reputed affiliate network.
The rich resources are useful for everyone from beginners to hardcore affiliate marketers

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate
The Starter pack is totally useless if you have a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works. Much of the useful resources are locked in the Premium pack. So, is the access to WA forum, which is arguably the most important aspect of Wealthy Affiliate.
An absolute No-Spam policy. If you spam other members, you get thrown out without any refunds, even if you had paid for a whole year.

Wealthy Affiliate was very useful to me during my early days of affiliate marketing. I had the money to spare on the Premium membership. So, I was able to take advantage of the full range of benefits it had to offer. Unlike other affiliate networks, like say ClickBank, Wealthy Affiliate does not have a list of products for you to promote. But, it helps you set up shop and promote products from other affiliate networks like Amazon, eBay, and so on. If you wish to up the ante and enter the big league of affiliate marketers, then Wealthy Affiliate can definitely help you reach there.
As to how it can do that, check out my upcoming post – Wealthy Affiliate: A Guide to Guaranteed Success.

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