Wealthy Affiliate – Guide to Success

Wealthy Affiliate: A Guide to Guaranteed Success
Here’s the kicker about Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Everything that you need to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate, you will find on Wealthy Affiliate!
That’s about as simply as I can put it.
Wealthy Affiliate is not just a forum. It is not just a bunch of tutorial videos. It is not just an online course. It is an entire ecosystem of fellow entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and the talented founders. They all offer their experience, expertise, and advice to help each other succeed through WA. So, once you join WA, you will know what it takes to succeed and you will follow the process. But, to give you a taste of what awaits you there, here are some tips.

The Training
The Starter membership plan features Beginner tutorials, which are fairly basic. Even if you have read about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and other related topics for a few weeks, then you already know almost all the stuff in them.
But, the material accessible to Premium members is a different category altogether. The multitude of courses, boot-camp, video tutorials, and real examples impart you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become an immensely successful affiliate marketer.

Get All the Help You Need
There are 3 ways you can expand your knowledge and understanding of this industry – WA forum, direct contact with the founders, and social media. Use the WA forum extensively. Whatever doubt you have, whatever problem you are facing, someone else probably already faced the same thing and posted a question on the forum. They usually have answers too. So, the WA forum is the quickest way to get your doubts clarified. You can then interact with other affiliate marketers on your social media to gain insights. Finally, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate can be easily reached by Premium members for a personalized learning experience. Remember one thing though – don’t spam on WA or you’ll get kicked out.

Do What You Love
Starter pack members can create up to 2 websites on WA for free. Premium members, on the other hand, can create as much as 50 of them. Start a blog, or a website on a subject that you are passionate about. This is important. You will be writing a lot of stuff on your chosen topic. If you don’t love it, then you’ll get bored eventually and all that time and energy will have been totally wasted.
So, pick something you love, and start writing on it. Blog post, videos, review articles about products, and so on can attract plenty of audience. Never plagiarize others’ content. WA will help you find good topics and train you to write better content.

Increase Audience and Engagement
You should develop a good audience attraction and engagement strategy. There are plenty of materials and help is available on WA to help you grow your audience.

Note: If you wish to not jump into the Premium membership right away, then at least register for the Starter Pack.

Feature Products
Once you have a good number of pages on your website or blog and quality content to go with it, your audience size will begin to grow. Once you have a sizeable audience, start featuring affiliate products from affiliate networks on your website. They will become a source of passive income for you. WA will help you with everything from creating the website (with just a few clicks) to generating a huge audience following.

Final Thoughts
This is just a broad idea about how Wealthy Affiliate can help you create a sustainable source of income. Once you become a big affiliate marketer, you can keep earning by putting in much less effort into it. Wealthy Affiliate will show you the way.

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