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How to Build Loyal Followers Using Traffic Titan 2.0
As an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for new ways to attract more followers to my blogs and websites. After all, that is how I can promote affiliate products and create a passive income for myself. And, I keep experimenting with different softwares, tools, and services that are designed for affiliates. In my years of experience as an affiliate marketer, I can safely say that I have found very few tools that are as effective as Titan 2.
I was able to increase the number of my visitors just by using this software. There’s no way I was going to let go of an opportunity to share its advantages with you. So, here I am telling you how to use this tool and start building a huge audience for your blogs and websites.
Let’s get started.
Step 1: Purchase the Software
You need to purchase the Traffic Titan 2 before you can use it. There is no free trial or sneak peek available. Visit the Traffic Titan website and purchase the software pack for $9.95.
Step 2: Access the Tools
Once you have made the purchase, you can access the members-only area. You don’t have to install the software on your desktop or laptop. It is hosted on the cloud, so you can access everything in Traffic Titan 2 on its website by logging into it.
You will see the various tools listed on your member page, once you log on to your account. Then, you click on the tools that you wish to access.
Niche Money
Clicking on Niche Money tool instantly gives you a list of the top 100 popular niches on the internet. Inside each niche, there is an extensive list of 1000 unique keywords that have been carefully selected from the best performing websites in each industry. If you use these keywords in your content, visitors will flock to your website.
Keyword Titan
Once you have chosen your keywords, this tool will help you filter out the most profitable, low competition, and high-value keywords. This way, you can appear in the top search results for these keywords.
I use this tool all the time. It searches the 100 most popular affiliate programs for the products that you are promoting and directly extracts relevant images of those products. No more searching for images!
I think that this is the most ingenious tool out there. It takes the images that are extracted by Website2Image and converts them into slide-based videos. You instantly have a professional quality video of the product you are promoting, which you can directly upload to your website.
I use Domainaveli to generate new, high-performing domain names to expand my operations. It takes the keywords that you use and performs an extensive domain name search to suggest you some high quality domain names in less than a minute. It’s awesome.
Titan WP Theme
What if your website was designed from the ground up to be the most SEO optimized website in your industry? That’s what you get with Titan WP Theme. It is a modern, lightweight, and highly optimized website that comes loaded with plenty of powerful features that makes your website ready for Google rankings as soon as it is built and ready with content.
Sites DB
When I was a beginner to the world of affiliate, I didn’t know how to divert traffic to my websites. I knew that I should use backlinks, but I didn’t know how to find high quality websites that would let me feature links to my website on their websites? Sites DB proved to be sensational in this regard. It has a list of 3000+ top ecommerce and affiliate websites with a variety of relevant information such as their Google AdSense integration, email address of the domain owner, their social activity, their advertising programs, and so on. I used all of this information to get in touch with various website owners, negotiate deals for featuring my links and content, and thereby, divert traffic to my website.

I would recommend that if you are a new affiliate, then Titan 2 is a must have tool in your toolkit. It comes with a sweet price and plenty of training material. Not to mention superb support from its creator.

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