Commission Machine

Commission Machine
I have been an affiliate marketer for quite some time now, and have tasted a decent amount of success. I have managed to create enough passive income sources through affiliate marketing to live a comfortable life without doing much my entire life now. Yet, I consider myself a work-in-progress because I am always hunting for new opportunities, new techniques, and new ways of making my affiliate business larger. That’s why I can relate to my readers who are also learning new ways of making money.
I can understand every minor problem that you come across. It is easy for me to put myself in your position and feel your problems, because I am myself in your position, because of my constant learning and never stopping attitude.
After wasting hundreds of dollars on the marketing gurus, I have understood that there is nothing like a shortcut. There is only smart work and there is a learning curve involved. I have something really interesting for you today that you would normally wouldn’t expect from me.
I have been telling you about tools that can help you become a more successful affiliate marketer. So, in this new 2-part guide, I will be telling you about Commission Machine. Let’s first understand what it is and then get into the specifics.

What is Commission Machine?
Commission Machine is a video course. It is all about how you can create more effective email marketing campaigns that will help you sell more products. It helps you get the grasp of the “email marketing” part of your whole internet marketing strategy. Interestingly enough, Commission Machine is being promoted by Michael Cheney, who is a well-known affiliate marketer himself. Yeah, I know you are surprised by my choice. But, I will not let my strong opinions on marketing “gurus” come in the way of telling you useful information about affiliate marketing.
Anyway, Michael Chaney is one of your typical marketing gurus. Lots of stories and in-your-face advertising. So, it is very easy to think of Commission Machine as a similar kind of a product with a lot of fluff and no substance. At least, that’s what thought about him. But, that is where I was pleasantly surprised.

Does it Work?
Email marketing is an integral part of internet marketing even today. So, if you are interested in learning about its basics, then Commission Machine is a great place to start. I did not have high hopes from the product when I came across it first. It had all the characteristics of being another scammy course that I was probably not going to be interested in. I was expecting to face the typical strategy of “delaying the real information and upselling at every chance”. However, as I found out more about the program, I could see that there was a lot of useful information there, which was actually helpful.
Why they have named it Commission Machine though, I have no idea. It is a straight up email marketing course. So, the name “Commission Machine” does not make much sense. But, then again, you have to understand the marketing side of things. It tells people that you are going to earn money when you buy this product.
Ironically, I will advise you to keep away from subscribing to the man’s email list, because you are going to get promotional emails. Lots of them!
In the second part of this guide, I am going to share with you what is inside the Commission Machine course in more detail and also tell you how you can use it to your advantage. So, stay tuned budding affiliate marketers!

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