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Now that you have a basic understanding about what Commission Machine is, let’s go into the specifics of the course.
Before we go any further, let me tell you this. Though the program says that it will teach you a simple 3-step process to earn money online, they are not that simple and there is a lot of hard work involved. Like I have always said, affiliate marketing has a simple rule – no pain, no gain. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are just lying or don’t know what they are talking about. With wasting any more time, let’s get started.
As you enter the course, you will come across a lot of upsell and downsell efforts. One advice – ignore them. Use the product you paid for first. Only then, if you are satisfied with your purchase, put your money into any other products by Michael Cheney. There are multiple modules in the Commission Machine that are going to take you through step-by-step guide of creating an effective marketing campaign.
After the introductory part, the module takes you through the steps like research, the right positioning of products, providing useful incentives, and putting the plans into action. The information is organized really well. The quality of the videos and materials is pretty good too.
While I was reading up on Commission Machine, I had found a lot of reviews that said that there is a lot of information there that can be availed elsewhere for free with a small internet search. Of course, the rules of the affiliate marketing do not change. But, with this course, you will get a set of instructions that will help you look through the heaps of information available on the internet. How will you know what to search for? So, think of Commission Machine as a product that will help you get started and give you sound advice on how to go about a successful marketing campaign.
The presentation by Micheal Cheney is very lively, so it never gets boring. He uses a lot of real-life instances to see how his plan is implementable. Moreover, there are good presentations and trainings in the course to help you grasp the concepts. While not everyone would agree with his marketing approach, there is no right answer in this industry. There are hundreds of ways to succeed and Cheney’s is one of them.
So, it is a good place for affiliate marketers to put their thoughts together and get relevant information. But, while all of that is nice, there is a lot of marketing crap you will have to push through. Like I told you about the ads in the beginning, you will keep seeing them.
Another thing that you should absolutely not pay heed to is the promise of making well over $2000 a day with this system. If that was true, this system would have sold like crazy. It is helpful, but not that helpful. In particular, this is definitely not a tool for the beginner affiliate marketers. You need to have some understanding and experience in this industry to take full advantage of the resources available in the Commission Machine system. So, keep that in mind.
Will be back with a new tool for you soon.

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