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Here’s Why Your First Stop As Affiliate Marketer Should Be ClickBank
Affiliate networks are the bread and butter for affiliate marketers. In the basics of affiliate marketing, I talked about joining affiliate marketing programs and networks. But, what exactly are these affiliate networks?
Think of them like a middleman. They are the platforms where the affiliate marketers get in touch with the product owners, whose products they will be featuring and promoting on their affiliate websites. Each affiliate network may have an industry they cater to or a set of criteria to let the affiliate marketers inside the network. That is the simplest way in which I can put an affiliate network.
We will be talking about some of the popular affiliate networks in existence, and I am starting this new series with the most popular affiliate network out there – Clickbank.
Clickbank is one of the biggest networks on the internet today. With 17 years’ worth of users on the platform, it is the right place for a new affiliate marketer to begin their affiliate marketing journey.
I am not asking you to join only Clickbank. You can join any of the networks you want. In fact, I suggest that you eventually grow out of ClickBank. More on that later. For now, know that Clickbank is your best bet to establish your affiliate marketing businesses for plenty of reasons. It’s not like Clickbank is all butterflies and rainbows. It has its share of drawbacks. That’s why, I am going to cover all the pros and cons of joining Clickbank here.

Pros of Clickbank
ClickBank is easily one of the most successful affiliate marketing network out there. It didn’t reach there without offering great profits to its network partners. Here’s why ClickBank deserves a salute:
It offers blockbuster commissions on product sales. A bulk of the products have as much as 75% commission. In other words, if you manage to sell such a product, you get 75% of the sales amount as your commission. That’s amazing.

The network operates on a global level. So, you will be able to target and generate sales from up to 190 countries.

Recurring commissions on recurring payments – this is the dream! Suppose you managed to sell a magazine that has monthly editions. The visitor whom you converted into a customer might buy the future editions of the magazine. In that case, not only do you get commissions on the first sale, you also on the recurring sales in the future.

All the products sold on ClickBank are digital. No shipping, packing, and handling involved. Not to mention that you don’t have to handle any of the technical part involved in affiliate marketing.

Cons of ClickBank
There are many reasons why I mentioned earlier that you should eventually grow out of ClickBank. Here are some of them:
ClickBank charges an outrageous commission on every sale you make – 7.5% + $1. That’s a lot of money.

When there are product owners who are ready to share up to 75% of their sales price with you for getting them customers, it naturally attracts the attention of every person who wishes to make money online. Therefore, the competition on good quality and popular products is cutthroat.

Also, the success of ClickBank has attracted a massive number of product creators as well. This sounds like a good thing, but it isn’t. ClickBank is full of worthless products that simply don’t make any sales. So, even if you are getting 75% commission, 75% of zero sales revenue is still zero.

Final Thoughts
Like any marketplace, ClickBank comes with its own set of good and bad. For beginner affiliate marketers, it offers a lot more good than bad. In fact, it is a goldmine of opportunities to create a stable and recurring revenue.
In my next piece A Quick Guide to Making Money With ClickBank, I will help you get started with ClickBank and share a few tips and tricks for making lots of money on this platform.

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