Azon Authority – Part 2

Start Earning Money With the World’s Biggest E-Commerce Company, Amazon – Part 2
Like I promised in my last post, I am going to tell you how you can make money with Amazon using Azon Authority in this piece.
First, you need to understand what Azon Authority is. Azon Authority is a powerful plugin for WordPress platform. You can use Azon Authority to build a full-fledged e-commerce site in less than an hour. And this is not an exaggeration. I have personally managed to build and run an e-commerce site in roughly half an hour using Azon Authority. It’s that simple.
Once you build your ecommerce website using Azon Authority, you can start selling the entire catalogue of products available on Amazon on your website, if that’s what you want. And that too without ever getting involved in product handling, packaging, shipping, customer care, and other activities. Just sell products on your website and Amazon will take care of the other things.
Azon Authority is not free. It offers 3 different packs with 3 different pricings. Check out their prices and the respective features under each of them in detail. Then purchase a pack that is suitable for your needs.
Once you purchase and install the plugin, we are ready to go. So, let’s begin.
Here are the basics about Azon Authority:
This plugin cannot work by itself. You need another plugin called WooCommerce. It is WooCommerce that creates an ecommerce website for you, and integrate the shopping cart into it. WooCommerce is free and hardly takes a minute to install.
Azon Authority is what pulls all the product details from Amazon, so that you can feature those products on your freshly created ecommerce website.
For the Azon Authority plugin to work, you need to create a Cron job. Creating a Cron job is fairly simple and takes hardly 2 minutes. But, it might seem intimidating at the outset as you have to do it via the CPanel. Check out videos on YouTube if you need some assistance in this regard.

How to Use Azon Authority to Build a Top-Notch eCommerce Site
Log on to your website using your WordPress website credentials. You will see Azon Authority listed on the left side. Click on it. Then click on the Settings link.
This is where the magic happens!
You start by entering your Amazon Affiliate code, AWS Access Key ID, AWS, Secret Access Key, and other details in the General section of the settings.
In the Geo Targeting section, you can enter as many affiliate IDs as you like. The option to add country-specific ID allows you to offer country-specific product details to your visitor. So, if you have a visitor from France, they will get details from the website.
Similarly, there are plenty of other things that you can customize using the Azon Authority plugin. Perhaps, one of the most important feature of Azon Authority is its Spinner Services. It directly integrates 3 top spinner services – The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter, and WordAI – into your ecommerce website. If you have access to any of those services, you can add their account details and use them seamlessly on your website.
Importing products from Amazon is quite simple. You visit a product category in Amazon. Copy the URL and post it in the ASIN Grabber tab of Azon Authority. It will extract all the ASINs for products listed in that URL. You can copy the ASINs, go to the Add Products section, and then click on the Import ASINs tab. There you post the ASINs. Now, you go back to the General tab under Add Products and use the filters to available there to filter and pick the products that qualify your requirement.
Once you click on the Create Product Posts button, Azon Authority will hardly take a few seconds to create your product listings. And voila! You are done.
When your visitors make the purchases they will be automatically redirected to the Amazon website to execute the transactions. So, you don’t have to worry about processing the payments, integrating payment gateways, and so on.
You just create attractive content, build an audience, and promote Amazon products. Amazon and Azon Authority will together take care of making you rich.

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