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Start Earning Money With the World’s Biggest E-Commerce Company, Amazon – Part 1
Every affiliate marketer, irrespective of which affiliate program they started their business with, eventually joins the Amazon Affiliate Program. If you are new to affiliate marketing, then you might find this counterintuitive, because Amazon does not present a really compelling picture. It shares only 10% – 15% of the sale value with the affiliate partners. That is so low compared to the 75% commissions shared by the likes of ClickBank. But, there is one area where nobody else can even dream to compete against Amazon – Trust.
Amazon is the most trusted ecommerce company on the planet. Therefore, more of your visitors will be comfortable making purchases with Amazon. More sales mean more revenue. So, even with less commission, you end up making plenty of money.
There are primarily two ways you can start making money with Amazon – Affiliate Links and Azon Authority.
Using Amazing Affiliate Links to monetize your blog or website is the easier option. So, I am going to focus on it in this post. My next post will cover everything you need to know about Azon Authority. You must check it too.
Now, back to Amazing Affiliate Links.

Step 1: Getting the Audience
As with any affiliate marketing strategy, the first step is always getting the audience to follow your content and establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information. So, you start with a blog.
Choose an industry or product category that you passionately follow and know a lot about. Then come up with catchy Domain and Blog Names relevant to your niche. Purchase the domain and hosting, and create a blog. I always suggest WordPress for building your website. It is easy, and there are many useful plugins available for it.
Tidy up your blog. Make it appealing. In my experience, looks and content are everything when it comes to a blog. So, get the first part right. Then, let’s move on to the second part.
Publish as many articles on your chosen topic as you possibly can for the next few weeks. In the meantime, start building your audience via social media, organic SEO practices, email campaigns, and so on. Review style articles, listicles, and articles with superlatives like most, deadliest, best, etc. attract maximum attention and are best suited for affiliate marketing.

Step 2: Earning Money With Amazon
Apply for an affiliate account with Amazon. It is a fairly simple process. Once Amazon has approved your account, you can get your affiliate link for any of the Amazon products. However, you should stick to products that are relevant to your blog’s topics. Once you get the affiliate links to such products from Amazon, you post the links on your blog.
Some of the best places to post Amazon Affiliate Links on your blog include:
On image banners
Product mentions in review-type articles
Product mentions in listicles
In the description section for video reviews
You can even include affiliate links in your email campaigns

Let me share with you some of the revenue boosting tricks that I have picked up during my experience with promoting Amazon products:
Post affiliate links to products that are priced above $100. Higher the price, higher is your revenue.
Be creative and judicious in where you post your affiliate links. Don’t litter 3-4 links in every paragraph. It irritates your audience and they will stop following you.
When the holidays are nearing, prepare lots of holiday-themed blog posts, and include affiliate links to products that sell during those holidays.
Last but not least, keep posting regularly. The more value your readers find in following you, the more frequently they will visit you, higher are the chances that they will make purchases.

Final Thoughts
I know many affiliate marketers who have built a fortune just by promoting Amazon products. They didn’t get there in one day or even a year. The ones I know didn’t. May be the affiliate marketing “gurus” do, but I don’t. They simply stuck to their plan until they succeeded. Can you?

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