A Quick Guide to Making Money With ClickBank

A Quick Guide to Making Money With ClickBank
Since you are here, you have already made your decision to join the ClickBank affiliate network. If you haven’t, then check out my other post – Here’s Why Your First Stop As Affiliate Marketer Should Be ClickBank – before you continue reading this article. It will help you understand why it is important for a beginner affiliate marketer to join ClickBank.
Once you have made the decision to join ClickBank, the next step is to make money on the network. As with any business, idea, or venture, it will take you some time to start earning lots of money with ClickBank too. However, your income can start from Day 1, albeit in small amounts, and then grow into larger revenues.

Joining ClickBank
Joining ClickBank is easy-peasy. Anyone can do it. It is as simple as creating an email address, albeit a couple of minutes longer. It is open to everybody, and there is absolutely no screening process of any kind. It is simplified and streamlined. So, visit the ClickBank website and create your account right away.

Browsing the Products
There is an “Affiliate Marketplace” link at the top of the page. Once you click on it, you will be directly taken to the marketplace website. There, you can search a vast number of product categories. Your search results include a product title, a brief description below it, Avg $/sale on the right, and a dizzying variety of stats at the bottom of each listing. These stats are important. They help you get a complete understanding of the respective product’s ability to create revenues for you.
Initial $/sale is the average money affiliates make on each sale of that product.
Avg %/sale is the average percentage commission made by the affiliates
Grav or Gravity indicates the number of affiliates who sold the product
Avg Rebill Total is the average money affiliates make on recurring billing of a product
Avg %/Rebill is the percentage of commission that affiliates make on rebills

Finding a Lucrative Product
Finding a lucrative product to sell is half of the game on ClickBank. A good product has a Grav above 20, has excellent online reviews, and has a low cost initial offer with up to 3 upsales. Be ruthless in your filtering criteria. Do not be lazy when it comes to affiliate marketing. The most popular products are not always the best. Products with high popularity have high competition too. You may not make money on them. So, a good product is one, which has decent popularity, has great reviews, and has great Average stats.

Create Your Affiliate Link
Once you finalize the product you wish to promote, you click on the red “Promote” button on the right side of the respective product listing. A new window will open up, asking you to share your Account Nickname, which is same as your account’s username, and the optional Tracking ID. You can create your own Tracking IDs to make it easy to know the source of your revenues.

Now, it is time to start promoting the products you have chosen. Find articles which feature content that is relevant to the products that you are selling. Post banners, in-content links, text ads, etc. of your affiliate URLs on those articles, wherever you find such content. Every time your visitor purchases something, you get paid a hefty commission on the sale.

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